Brown-eared Woolly Opossum
(Caluromys lanatus) #66-70

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Physical characteristics and distribution

The head and body length is 180-290 mm, tail length is 270-490 mm and weight is 0-500 grams. They usually have an ornate color pattern, including the diagnostic stripe which extends between the ears and eyes almost to the nose. The prehensile tail is longer than the head and body and the terminal portion is hairless, with color variations from cream to pink.

They are more arboreal than other large opossums, generally inhabiting forested country and living in tree hollows or limbs. They are most active during the evening, night or early morning.

Their natural diet consists of fruits, seeds, leaves, soft vegetables, insects, and small vertebrates. They may also feed on carrion.

Caluromys lanatus is found in N and C Columbia, NW and S Venezuela, E Ecuador, E Peru, E Bolivia, E and S Paraguay, N Argentina (Provincia Misiones), and W and S Brazil.

Description of the brain

The brain weight is 4.54 g (includes R.Trg.). The brain meaurements are: Length AP left 20.0 mm; Length AP right 19.7 mm; Bitemporal width 20.4 mm; Temporal height left 14.8 mm; Temporal height right 14.3 mm.

Animal source and preparation
All specimens collected followed the same preparation and histological procedure.

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