California Sealion Movie Atlas
(Zalophus californianus)
Specimen #62-294

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A brain "atlas" consists of a periodic series of stained sections through a brain. Study of such a series, allows the viewer to identify the several hundred cell groupings or nuclei that can be seen in the brains of every mammal in the collections. For this specimen, all sections were cut at 35 microns thickness and every even-numbered section was stained with a cellular stain (thionin), and every odd-numbered section was stained with a fiber (myelin sheath) stain (hematoxylin). This specimen was an adult male. Brain weight = 436 grams.

The cell-stained coronal sections are presented from near the front of the brain to the caudal brainstem and cerebellum. There are over 50 sections displayed here: from section #140 at the front, to section #2460 caudally.


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