Florida Deermouse
(Podomys floridanus)

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Physical characteristics and distribution

Head and body length of P. floridanus is 179-197 mm of which 79-90 mm is tail length. Adult weights range from 25-49 grams. Colors range from brown to brownish gray on the upper parts which fade to orange buff on the shoulders and lower sides. The underparts are white and there is often a tawny patch on the breast. The fur is long and soft. P. floridanus has large dark eyes and the large ears are sparsely haired.

The preferred habitat of P. floridanus is sand pine scrub at an early successional stage, but is also found in pine oak and scrubby flatwoods. Burrows are the preferred shelter and P. floridanus usually uses the abandoned nests of the gopher tortoise.

The diet consists mainly of seeds, acorns, nuts, fungi, other vegetation and insects and other small invertebrates.

P. floridanus breeds in the fall and winter with as few as 1 and as many as 6 young, but with average litter sizes of 3-4 offspring.

P. floridanus is becoming increasing rare due to habitat loss. It can now be found in the allopatric segments in panhandle and peninsular Florida, USA.

Description of the brain

Animal source and preparation
All specimens collected followed the same preparation and histological procedure.

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