Credits and Permissions

Web site managers:

  • Wally Welker, University of Wisconsin, Curator of the Wisconsin Brain Collection.
  • John Irwin Johson, Michigan State University, Curator of the MSU Brain Collection.
  • Adrianne Noe, Director of the National Museum of Health and Medicine.

Web site composition:

  • Carol Dizack, University of Wisconsin, Senior Illustrator/Graphic Designer in the department of Media Solutions.
  • Kevin Graeme, Graphic designer, Dept. of Information Technology.
  • Ray H. Spiess, Hypertext Editor, Dept. of Information Technology.
  • Mary Walsh, Greenleaf MeDia, Director.

Server manager and consultant:

  • Ravi Kochhar, University of Wisconsin, Dept. of Physiology.

Electronic Equipment:

  • Apple Macintosh, APS and JAZ external drives, Epson, UMAX and Linotype-Hell flatbed/transparency scanners, Leaf MicroLumina digital cameras, hp, Apple and Epson printers, Yamaha CD cutters, ISDN & DSL modems.


  • Adobe CS2 series, MS Office, GoLive Cyberstudio, HTML editors, Filemaker Pro, Flash, Director, Dreamweaver, Toast CD-ROM Pro., Web browers.

Sponsoring Institutions:

  • The University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.; Dept. of Physiology
  • Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.: Dept. of Anatomy.
  • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington, DC.
  • National Science Foundation

Permission to Reproduce copyrighted materials:

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