The following Individuals, Organizations and Institutions, have contributed funding, information, suggestions, and technological advice in the construction of these electronic pages:

Design of Web pages

Mary Walsh is the Graphic Web designer at Greenleaf MeDia, who helped construct, compose and arrange the many information and image components of the web pages for our Brain Collection. Mary is activily involved in preparing web products for many different pamphlets, home pages, brochures, etc. for the many projects presented to her by other clients as well.

Preparation and manipulation of images, web design, text and image placement

Carol Dizack is the major preparer of the images and illustrations that appear in this electronic document, and is presenty helping in web design and text and image placement. She is a senior Medical/Scientific Illustrator/Graphic Designer in the Department of Media Solutions at the University of Wisconsin's Medical Sciences Center. She is the major contributor of the digital images and graphic elements to be found throughout our Web Site. Carol has given enormous attention and time to details of coloring, artistic appearance, scanning, and fine facets of composition and quality of the images presented.

Acquisition, preparation, preservation, histological processing, photography and illustration of the specimens in the brain collections.

see Personnel.


The Department of Physiology (formerly the Department of Neurophysiology) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has provided space, administrative and moral support continuously over the many decades during which the Mammalian Brain Collection project has been carried out, as well as during the last several years during which this Internet Web design have been accomplished.

The National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health have provided funding support throughout the duration of the production of this Web document as well as for the acquisition, preparation and analysis of the brain specimens throughout the entire period of our neuroanatomical brain collection activities.

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