Spectral (False Vampire) Bat
(Vampyrum spectrum)

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Physical characteristics and distribution

The single species, V. spectrum has a head and body length of 125-135 mm, there is no tail length, forearm length is 100-108 mm. Wingspans range from 762-914 mm with one measurement recorded at 1,016 mm. Weights average 145-190 grams. Upper parts are dark reddish brown, and underparts are somewhat paler.

This bat can easily be distinguished by its large size, absence of a tail and four each of upper and lower incisors.

The diet of V. spectrum consists of bats, birds, rodents, and possibly some fruit and insects. It is carnivorous, but does not actually drink blood.

V. spectrum ranges from Veracruz (Mexico) to Ecuador and Peru, Bolivia, N and SW Brazil, and Guianas; Trinidad; and perhaps Jamaica.

Description of the brain

Animal source and preparation
All specimens collected followed the same preparation and histological procedure.

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