University of Wisconsin-Madison

The brain specimens were originally located in the Department of Neurophysiology (now the Department of Physiology) at the Madison Campus of The University of Wisconsin. The University Campus is less than a mile from the State Capitol. The Department of Physiology is in the School of Medicine and Public Health and the brain collection facilities were located on the second floor of the Medical Sciences Bldg. All the normal specimens were stored in metal slide boxes on shelves in a room adjacent to the Histological facility.
The Brain Collection Room was equipped with microscopes and projectors which allowed users to view the histological details. Those who wished to examine the slides in the Wisconsin library of sectioned brains would visit the Wisconsin Facility by arranging for a visit ahead of time with Wally Welker. The histologists were Inge Siggelkow, Jo Ann Ekleberry and Joan Meister.

Move to Washington D.C.

The Welker collections at UW-Madison have been relocated to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington D.C. Here are some pictures taken during their first major move:


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